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Present a Report

Dear Colleagues,

All the Forum participants, including the speakers, shall be registered on the web site www.mief-tek.com. Please notice that all proposed reports shall be relevant to the Forum subject matter and approved by a decision of the Forum Program Committee. For this purpose, by March 23, 2015, please send theses and a presentation of report, your curriculum vitae with photo, executed as required below, to the working group of the Organizing Committee.

Requirements to Report Theses

Please forward your theses to the E-mail address ape@mief-tek.com in the MS Word format. The report theses volume shall be about 1/2 typewritten page (Windows encoding, Times New Roman font, font size – 12, number of characters – 800, including the spaces). No illustration is allowed in the text.

The submitted materials shall contain the following strict sequence of data:

  • Speech topic
  • Last name, first name and patronymic (full form) of the speaker (-s) *
  • Full name of the organization (-s), hold office (-es)*
  • Mail address of the organization (-s)*
  • Telephone and fax*
  • E-mail address*
  • Report theses
  • Duration of speech

* If the speakers represent different organizations, the data of each speaker shall be stated individually

Requirements to Presentation

Please supplement your report with visual aid in the form of an illustrated presentation in the Microsoft® PowerPoint® format. In your presentation, please state the full name of the Forum with its official logo (logo download link »»») and the name of the conference at which you want to speak. The volume of the presentation shall not exceed 15 slides adjusted for a 15-minutes speech. Please send your presentations to the E-mail address ape@mief-tek.com by March 23, 2015.

Requirements to Curriculum Vitae

Your CV (life history) shall contain the following data:

  • Last name, first name and patronymic (full form)
  •  Full name of the organization, hold office
  • Academic degree, rank
  • Education data
  • Awards, diplomas, etc.

The CV text may contain up to 800 characters. Please supplement your CV with a color photo of at least 300-dpi resolution.

We wish you a good report presentation!

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