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Home / Archive / 2011 / News of Partners / March, 3, 2011. ILMA Company sums up the results of the 5-year program for production of innovative seals


March, 3, 2011. ILMA Company sums up the results of the 5-year program for production of innovative seals

The Company’s focus on innovations and perfect quality enables Ilma to remain one step ahead of its competitors. Ilma Company has summed up the results of the 5-year program for production of innovative seals.

Ilma’s 5-year research work has resulted in developing and launching serial production of the patented GraFlan seals having no analogs in the world. The new seals feature a unique combination of properties as one sealing product effectively combines two modern sealing materials – thermally expanded graphite (TEG) and expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). The expanded graphite base provides excellent elasticity and resistance to cyclic loads. The PTFE coating ensures increased plasticity, eliminates corrosion effect on the sealing surfaces, provides resistance to the corrosive media and increases the anti-stick and ecological properties of the sealing products. Today, it may be confidently stated that GraFlan is a unique Russian product, opening a new direction of the sealing technology development.
The basic assortment of the production by Ilma under the GraFlan trademark includes: flange gaskets and tape, packing, paddle blinds. All production and production units have been patented. Currently, the seals developed and produced by Ilma are successfully used at the country’s largest enterprises of the power, gas and chemical industries, pulp-and-paper plants etc.
The invention of the GraFlan-sealing production method may be considered as a new systemic innovation and a new technological platform in the world sealing technology, since the technology of coating graphite with microfiber polytetrafluoroethylene opens ample opportunities for its application both in the sealing production and in the repair and the electrochemical protection of pipeline elements as well. Again, the technology has development prospects in the enterprises’ conversion to asbestos-free materials, as coating with expanded polytetrafluoroethylene makes asbestos practically harmless.
All the GraFlan production line will be presented at Ilma’s stand at the exhibition «Russian Fuel and Energy Complex in the XXI Century».

LLC «Ilma» (www.ilma.spb.ru) is the innovative sealing technology leader in Russia. The Company was established in 1994. The backbone of the Company is the scientists and engineers having large experience of the work at the sealing technology laboratory of the Central Machinery Design Office of the Russian Ministry of Nuclear Energy. The strong intellectual assets, including many years’ experience of applied research in sealing, dozens of patents for inventions and utility models, know-how and expertise enable the specialists of Ilma to produce seals of absolute novelty and excellent operating characteristics. Ilma is certified under ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 and holds 30 Russian patents for original designs of the seals and the methods of their manufacture, as well as trademarks and foreign patents.

Translated from Russian into English by Literra translation bureau

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