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Program for April 8, 2011


Arrival and registration of the MIEF-2011 participants

Location: Moscow, Manezhnaya Square 1, CEH «Manege»


International Conference «Global Energy Safety: New Agenda»
Location: Moscow, 76 Vernadskogo Av, MGIMO-University
Address to the Forum Participants:
Sergey Lavrov – Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
Anatoliy Torkunov – Rector of MGIMO-University
Konstantin Kosachev – Chairman, State Duma Committee on International Affairs, Co-Chairman of the Forum Organizing Committee
Valeriy Salygin – Director, International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy of MGIMO (University) in MFA of Russia, RAS Corresponding Member
Discussion issues:
1.      Global Energy Markets: Transparency Increase, Volatility Reduction, Competition Development
2.      International Legal Regulation in the Energy Industry: Problems and Ways of Improvement
3.      Chronic shortage of Investments in the World Power Industry: Challenge to the World Leading Energy Producers and the Ways to Respond
4.      International Cooperation in Energy Source Diversification and Carbonless Power Industry Development
Stanislav Gorevalov – Senior Expert and Analyst, Institute for Energy Strategy
Globalization and Regionalization of World Energy Markets. Post Crisis Trend of Development
Leonid Grigoryev – Professor, Higher School of Economics
Markets After Crisis in Libya and Japan
Togrul Bagirov – Executive Vice-President, Moscow International Oil Club
Situation on World Energy Markets After the Unrest in the Middle East
Leonid Bokhanovsky – Secretary General, Gas Exporting Countries Forum
Alexander Vylegzhanin  – Head of the Chair, MIEP MGIMO (University) in MFA of Russia
Jeremy Huck – President, BP Russia
Stanislav Zhiznin – President, Centre of Energy Diplomacy and Geopolitics
Modernization of Russian Fuel and Energy Complex and Global Energy Security
Ruben Indzhikyan – Executive Director UNCTAD, UNCTAD Global Commodities Forum
Global Commodity Markets Development: Problems and Prospects
Andrey Konoplyanik – Consultant, Gazprombank, Professor of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas
International Legal Mechanisms Which Provide Global Energy Security
María Luisa Ramos Ursagaste - Ambassador of the Republic of Bolivia
Is International Cooperation Possible in Energy Sphere?
Alastair Maxwell - Managing Director, Goldman Sachs
Tatyana Mitrova – Head, Center for World Energy Markets Studies of the Energy
Main Trend of Global Energy Markets Development
Nikolay Mironov – Counselor, Department of Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Russia in System of Multilateral Institutes of International Energy Cooperation
Pavel Oderov – Head, International Business Department, Gazprom
Yury Sherbanin – Head of the Chair, Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Transportation of Natural Compressed Gas: Some Points of Politics and Economics
Theodore Shtilkind – Advisor, Russian Ministry of Energy
Urban Rusnák – Ambassador, Leader of the Slovakian External Energy Security Project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic
Vladimir Feygin – Chief Director, Head of Energy Department, Institute for Energy and Finance
Contemporary Development of Regulation and International Legislation in Energy Sphere
Ján Kubiš – Executive Secretary, UN European Economic Commission
Jean-Pierre Thomas - Special Representative of the President of the French Republic for French-Russian business relations development
For a new approach to energy security through a cooperation between producers and consumers
Jan Helge Skogen – President, Statoil Russia

General Partner of the Conference: MIEP MGIMO (University) in MFA of Russia

Round Table «Modernization of Production Facilities in Electric Power Industry: Problems and Solutions» 

Location: Moscow, Manezhnaya Square 1, CEH «Manege», Conference Hall

The format of the Round Table: discussion of the key subjects

Viktor Shedrolubov – Chief Engineer, Enel OGK-5

Discussion issues:
1. Technical Policy of Electricity Generating Companies as a base for modernization of Production |Facilities
2. Problems and Positive Experience in Modernization on Power Generating Stations

Chief Engineers from OGK, TGK, GRES, Leading Scientific and Project Organizations


Round Table «Human Resourcing of Russian Fuel and Energy Complex Modernization: High School in Focus»

Location: Moscow, Manezhnaya Square 1, CEH «Manege», Conference Hall

The format of the Round Table: reports and discussion

Viktor Martynov – Rector, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Professor

Discussion issues:
1. High School Reform as a Key Factor of Russian Economy Modernization: Concepts and Strategies
2. Prospects of Creation of Industrywide Professional Standards in the Fuel and Energy Complex
3. Development of Cooperation between the Higher Education Institutions and the Fuel and Energy Industry Companies in Human Resourcing: Current State and Prospects
4. Innovation Potential of the Higher Education Institution Science as an Engine of the Russian Fuel and Energy Complex Modernization

Anatoliy Aleksandrov  – Rector, Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Konstantin Grigoryev – Head of the Chair, Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University
Training of Specialists in Sphere of Innovative Technologies of Fuel Combustion
Vladimir Novoselov – Rector, Tyumen State Oil and Gas University

Mikhail Ivanov – Prorector, Saint-Petersburg State Mining University
Educational and Production Polygons as a Base For Effective Educational Technology of Training of Specialists for Fuel and Energy Complex

German Dyakonov – Rector, Kazan State Technological University

Nikolay Lisitsyn  – Rector, Saint Petersburg State Institute of Technology (Technical University)

Sergey Serebryannikov – Rector, Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University)

Yuriy Petrushenko – Rector, Kazan State Power Engineering University

Leonid Sorkin  – Director General, Honeywell Russia

Vladimir Tolmachev  – Rector, Moscow Institute of Energy Efficiency and Energy Security
Professional Competence and Qualification of Staff as a Base of Technogenic Security of Electric Power Industry Facilities

Information Support: magazine «Energopolis»


International Conference «Updated Legal Mechanisms of Stimulating Investments in the Heat Power Industry:  First Results and Assessments by Market Players»

Location: Moscow, Manezhnaya Square 1, CEH «Manege», Big Hall

The format of the Conference: reports and discussion

Vladimir Demkov – General Director, Stolitsa JSC

Valentin Mezhevich – First Deputy Chairman, Federation Council Commission on Natural Monopolies

Domininque Fache – Country Manager in Russia and CIS, Enel S.p.A, Chairman of the Board of Directors, OJSC «Enel OGK-5»
Discussion issues:
1. Problem of Shortage of Tariff Investment Sources in the Power Industry
2. Heat Generation among Other Generation Types: Contradiction between its Principal Role and Lowest Profitability
3. Financial Mechanisms of Investment Stimulation: World Experience and the Russian Legislation
4. Problem of Investment Project Manageability in the Power Industry: before and after the Sector Reform
5. Strategic Investments in Russian Power Industry: Role of the Stimulating Mechanisms and Efficiency
6. Institutional and Legal Problems of Improvement of the Investment Stimulating Mechanisms

Grigoriy Bakaev – General Director,Quadra-Power Generation JSC
Ivan Blagodyr – General Director, RAO Energy Systems of East JSC
Maksim Kalmykov – Deputy Director,ORGRES
Boris Kovalchuk – Chairman of the OJSC «INTER RAO UES» Board
Igor Kozhukhovski - Managing Director, JSC “Energy Forecasting Agency”
Andrey Likhachyov – Chairman of the EN+Power Board
Dmitriy Ponomaryov – Board Chairman of the Non-Commercial Partnership «Market Council for Organization of Efficient System of Wholesale and Retail Trade in Electric Energy and Power» («Market Council»)
Alexander Remezov – General Director, Moscow United Energy Company
Yury Saakyan – Director General of the Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization «Institute of the Natural Monopolies Problems»
Lack of Tariff Sources to Finance Investment Programs
Alexander Sitnikov – Managing Director, VEGAS LEX
Mikhail Slobodin – President, Integrated Energy Systems Company
Denis Fyodorov - Director General, Gazprom Energoholding
Alexander Chuvayev – President, Director General, Fortum
Andrey Shishkin – Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation
Representative of Morgan&Stout
Ways of Effective Costs Management Within Current Tariff Policy. Using of Current Investment Opportunities Within the Tariff
General Partner of the Conference: OJSC «Enel OGK-5»

Information Support: Law TEK, newspaper «Energy and Industry of Russia»




Ceremonial Award of the Exhibition Participants


International Conference «Smart Electric Grids: World Experience and Prospects of Russia»

Location: Moscow, Manezhnaya Square 1, CEH «Manege», Big Hall

The format of the Conference: reports and discussion

Yuriy Lipatov – Chairman, Energy Committee, State Duma, Co-Chairman of the Forum Organizing Committee
Timur Ivanov – Director, Energy Agency (REA) under the Ministry of Energy of Russia


Brayan Kotran – General Director, General Electric Energy Services, Europe and CIS
Fedor Veselov – Head of Department, Energy Research Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences
Methods and Model Complex For Forecasting of Russian Energy Sector
Irina Volkova – Head of the Chair, Higher School of Economics
Innovation Development of Russian Energy Based on Smart Green Concept
Vladimir Dorofeev – General Director, R&D Centre For Power Engineering, JSC
Yury Dementiev – Head of Department for Technology Development and Innovations, UES
Dmitry Ivanov  – General Director, NovInTech JSC
Boris Kobets – Scientific Advisor, Centre For Energy Efficiency, United Energy Systems
Pavel Korsunov – General Director, Scientific and Technological Centre of Electric Power
Konstantin Petukhov – Acting General Director, Interregional Distributive Grid Company of Siberia
Georgiy Kutovoy – President Advisor, United Metallurgical Company
Andrey Korneev – Head, Centre For Energy Security Problems, USA and Canada Institute
Valery Rodin – General Director, Interregional Distributive Grid Company of Urals
Yuriy Saakyan – Director General, Institute of the Natural Monopolies Problems
Yevgeniy Sklyarov – Head, Moscow City Fuel and Energy Complex Department
Leonid Sorkin – Director General, Honeywell Russia
Oleg Trishkin – Chairman of the Energy and Engineering-Support Committee of the Saint Petersburg City Government
Yury Shikaryan – Scientific Advisor, R&D Centre For Power Engineering, JSC
Igor Yadykin – Head of Department, Management Problems Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences
Representative of LLC «System Operator of the Unified Energy System» (OJSC «SO UES»)
Valentin Barinov – Head of Department, Krzhizhanovsky Energy Institute

Information Support: newspaper «Energy and Industry of Russia», magazine «Energopolis», magazine»Electricity. Transmission and Distribution» 

Discussion issues:
1. Concept of Unified National Energy Grid (UNEG) Development:  from the Traditional Approach to Innovation Energy Efficient Solutions
2. World Tendencies in Electric Grid Development and Necessity of Development of the Smart Electric Grids: Investment Shortage Problem
3. Improvement of the Electric Grid Functioning Reliability and Safety: More Investments or Construction of Smart Electric Grids?
4. Energy Generation and Smart Electric Grids: on the Threshold of Revolutionary Changes
5. Power Machine Building, Electrical Industry, Telecommunications, Information Technologies – Innovation Potential for the Smart Electric Grids


International Conference «Modernization of the Russian Oil and Gas Industry: Concepts and Strategies»

Location: Moscow, Manezhnaya Square 1, CEH «Manege», Conference-Hall

The format of the Conference: reports and discussion

Gennadiy Shmal – President, Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia

Discussion issues:
1. Implementation of Resource-Innovation Strategy of Oil and Gas Complex Development: How to Get Over Systemic Problems
2. Modernization of the Russian Geologic Sector as a Prerequisite for Further Development of the Oil and Gas Production
3. Modern Technologies of Raw Hydrocarbons Extraction: Problems and Solutions
4. Prospects of Mastering Production of Unconventional Raw Hydrocarbons: Bitumens, Heavy Oils, Coal Bed Methane, Shale Gas
5. Development of Hydrocarbons Production in Offshore Areas: Innovation Capacities of Russia
6. Associated Petroleum Gas Utilization: World Experience and Prospects of its Application in Russia
7. Oil and Gas Sector and Machine Building: Interaction as a Prerequisite for Modernization

Pyotr Ageev – Deputy General Director, Novas Energy Services
Nikolay Alexeenko – General Director, GEOPROEKTIZYSKANIA
Valentin Afanasiev – Prorector, State Management University
Anatoly Dmitriyevskiy – Director, Institute of Oil and Gas Problems of RAS
Bato-Zhargal Zhambalnimbuyev – Representative, Federal Council Committee for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection
Anatoly Ilyusha – Professor, State Management University
Vladimir Kapustin – Director General, VNIPIneft JSC
Alexander Kiryanov – Director, GorEnergoProject
Aleksey Kontorovich – Research Supervisor, Trofimuk Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics SB RAS
Viktor Martynov – Rector , Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas
Vyacheslav Nevzgodin – First Deputy Director, ORGRES JSC
Boris Rachevsky – Chairman of the Board, NefteGazTop JSC
Akim Mikhail – Director For Strategic Development, ABB Russia
Pavel Tsybulskiy – Director General, Gazprom VNIIGAZ
Tihomir Toshkov - Director for MEGA Projects, Honeywell
Representative of the Russian Ministry of Energy
Gennadiy Shmal – President, Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia

General Partner of the Conference: Institute of Oil and Gas Problems of the RAS

Information Support: GP «CDU TEK», magazine «Oil&Gas Vertical»


Exhibition «Russian Fuel and Energy Complex in the XXI Century»

Location: Moscow, Manezhnaya Square 1, CEH «Manege»

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