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omplex of office buildings of the Government of Moscow (Novy Arbat 36/9), Moscow, 20- 21 of April, 2021
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Files for download:

The prospects of gas relations between Russia and the EU in state of stagnation of gas demand in Europe. A.M. Belogoryev, "EnergyDialogue", 3 2012 (open file / download file)
size: 1.27 MB  
Grushevenko E., Grushevenko D. Unconventional Oil Potential Tends to Change the World Oil Market. // CSCanada Energy Science and Technology Vol.4, 1, 2012 (open file / download file)
size: 3.39 MB  
Alexander Epishov: Sustainable Energy Development Requires Trillions of Roubles and Good Instruments (Power and Industry of Russia Newspaper No. 04 (192) February 2012 ) (open file / download file)
size: 273.96 KB  
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