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MIEF-2013 Post-release

XI Moscow International Energy Forum (MIEF-2013):
new impetus for strategic understanding
of Russian Fuel & Energy Complex in the future.

XI Moscow International Energy Forum and Exhibition “Russian Fuel & Energy Complex in the XXI Century” (MIEF-2013) have completed its work. More than 1600 delegates participated in the Forum, among them were the foreign representatives and diplomatic missions’ staff from 18 countries, official delegations from 40 regions of the Russian Federation, as well as 250 Russian and foreign journalists. Reports and presentations, high intellectual level of open discussions and the adoption of the Concluding Declaration once again demonstrated MIEF’s exceptionally valuable level of professional expertise. In this regard, the Forum clearly confirmed its reputation as one of the most significant and large-scale public events in the Russian Fuel & Energy Complex.

The exhibition’s total area exceeded 1500 square meters. Compact and convenient arrangement of exhibition stands allowed the Forum’s participants and the exhibitors to get acquainted with other expositions and to establish interesting business contacts. The staging of Forum’s Program and Exhibition on a sole unified platform contributed to intense interest among high-rank professionals within Russian Fuel & Energy Complex, representatives of federal and regional legislative and executive authorities, top-managers from largest energy companies and leading experts from public associations and scientific organizations. Over 2000 visitors attended the exhibition during the two-day event. Investment project presentations, latest innovations, products and technologies were presented by 60 organizations.

The span of topics discussed was particularly extensive broaching an entire spectrum of questions: from regional power and heat supply issues to the emerging problems, such as global challenges and threats to the Russian Energy Strategy. One of the Forum’s central issues “World Energy: New Dimensions. Russian Energy Strategy and new challenges” was perceived by event participants and the mass media as very essential and well-timed. The bottom line in most of the Forum speakers’ reports was the key idea that Russia faces very serious challenges and threats posed by new dimensions of world energy development. According to their opinion, being Russian economy’s key segment, the energy sector in its present structural and institutional form is not ready to generate sufficient and effective responses to challenges and threats. The qualitatively new situation in global energy markets raises the necessity for Russian authorities, business and expert community to work out a new energy strategy as a part of an integrated system of measures intended to resolve national economy’s institutional and infrastructural unsettled issues. According to Forum’s unanimous participants’ opinion, the national energy agenda’s central issue for the coming years is to improve efficiency and competitiveness of Russian Fuel & Energy Complex. In this regard, a number of speakers drew Forum participants’ attention to the strategic importance of trust strengthening between business and public on one hand, and the state on the other hand, underlining the importance of the public’s role in strategic decision-making.

MIEF-2013 demonstrated the interest and willingness of Russian business community to participate more actively in the discussions concerning key issues within the development of national energy sector. Business representatives that were present on the Forum “Russian Fuel & Energy Complex in the XXI century” showed the presentations of their policy, plans, new ideas, projects and keenly participated in the debates, provided their own interpretation of current changes in the development of global and Russian energy sector and discussed a set of constructive proposals intended to adjust the legal and institutional environment in Russian energy sector.

XI Moscow International Energy Forum “Russian Fuel & Energy Complex in the XXI century” (MIEF-2013) was held in a constructive and friendly atmosphere of open dialogue, aimed at strengthening the trust between society, business and the state, which provided a new impetus for strategic understanding of the World’s and Russian Fuel & Energy Complex in the future.

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