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omplex of office buildings of the Government of Moscow (Novy Arbat 36/9), Moscow, 20- 21 of April, 2021
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10 April 2013


Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment, 14, ‘Expocentre’, pavilion № 7

08.00 - 17.00

Exhibition “Russian Fuel & Energy Complex in XXI Century”

09.00 - 11.00

Plenary Discussion: “World Energy: New Dimensions. Russian Energy Strategy and new challenges”.

First session: “Forecasting world economy and energy consumption: The Russian view”

By tradition, the forecasts regarding development of the world energy attract a lot of public attention at the same time raising many questions, in particular the forecasting methodology of energy industry in the world, individual countries and regions.

Participants of the discussion will make a presentation of a new Forecast that will cover development of energy sector in Russia and the rest of the world up to 2040. It was compiled by ERI RAS (Energy Research Institute of Russian Academy of Science) with support from Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation. Along with the above mentioned topics, foreign forecast methodology and latest results from such researches will be brought up during the discussion.

Speech opening
Makarov Alexey Alexandrovich – Director, Institute of Energy Research, Russian Academy of Science, Academician. 

Long-term forecast of the world economy
Grigoriev Leonid Markovich – Chief Advisor of the Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation.

Forecast of the world energy in 2013 - methodology and results.
Mitrova Tatyana Alekseevna
– Head of Oil & Gas Section, Institute of Energy Research, Russian Academy of Science. Candidate of Economics.
Kulagin Vyacheslav Alexandrovich – Head, World Energy Markets Study Center, Institute of Energy Research, Russian Academy of Science. 

Forecast of energy development in Russia
Makarov Alexey Alexandrovich – Director, Institute of Energy Research, Russian Academy of Science, Academician. 


Venue: Plenary hall

09.00 - 10.00

Conference-presentation: “Management problems of non-core resort assets of fuel and energy companies and way of their solution”

Moderator: Zamyatin Andrey Georgievich – rector, Institute for Development of Tourism and Resort Business

Non-specialized healthcare institutions today have become a burden for large companies: the income is low, workers prefer vacation abroad, facilities require attention and investments, new professional players emerged in the resort business and selling existing facilities at a reasonable price is not possible. Institute of development of tourism and resort business will present proven solutions that will improve business efficiency of health resorts along with flexible schemes of trust management while taking into account the problem of lack of trust. The institute will also provide its vision of how to be profitable by selling something that nobody wants to buy.

Venue: Conference Hall

11.00 - 11.30


11.30 - 13.30

Plenary Discussion: “World Energy: New Dimensions. Russian Energy    Strategy and new challenges”

Second session: “Russian Energy Strategy: Dogma or Changing Outlook?”

- Is there a necessity of a new Russian energy strategy? What new grounds and approaches should it be based on?
- What role will Fuel and Energy Complex play in Russian economy by 2050? How important will it be in the process of transition from resource-based economy to the innovation-driven model?

Moderator: Bushuev Vitaly Vasilyevich -  General Director, Institute of Energy Strategy, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences


  • Batenin Vyacheslav Mikhailovich – Corresponding member of the RAS, Deputy Director, United Institute of High Temperatures of RAS, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences.
  • Bobylev Sergey Nikolaevich – Professor, Department of Economics, Moscow State University, Doctor of Economics.
  • Voropay Nikolay Ivanovich – Director, Institute of Energy Systems, RAS, Corresponding member RAS, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor.
  • Gromov Aleksey Igorevich – Director, Institute of Energy and Finance; CEO, Expert-consulting center “World Energy”. Doctor of Geographical Sciences.
  • Voloshin Vladimir Ivanovich – Head, Sector of Economic Policy, Institute of economy of RAS, Corresponding member of RAS, Doctor of Economics, Professor
  • Kozhukhovsky Igor Stepanovich – CEO, CJSC Agency for Forecasting Balances in Electric Power Industry; Doctor of Economics.
  • Makarov Aleksey Aleksandrovich – Director, Institute of Energy Research, RAS; Doctor of Economics, Professor. Academician of RAS. Doctor of Economics, Professor.
  • Mastepanov Alexey Mikhailovich – Deputy Director, Institute of Oil & Gas Problems, RAS; Doctor of Economics.
  • Kovalchuk Aleksandr Pavlovich – Director, Institute of Coal Market Conjuncture.
  • Eder Leontiy Viktorovich – Senior researcher, Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics of SB RAS, Doctor of Economics.
  • Epishov Alexander Pavlovich – Chief analyst, MIEF; Doctor of Engineering Technical Sciences.

Venue: Conference Hall

11.30 - 13.30

Round Table: “Modernization of major pipeline transport systems of Russian Fuel and Energy Complex: investments and new technologies”.

The participants of the conference will discuss the problems of reliability and safety of systems of major pipeline transport. A number of reports will be about the experience of developing and carrying-out investment projects and implementing programs of technical re-equipment and modernization of pipeline systems. Main focus will also be on issues of ensuring environmental safety of production facilities associated with the transportation and production of oil and gas along with introduction of new technologies and advanced methods of diagnostics and repair of the equipment.

Chair: Mezhevich Valentin Efimovich – First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Economic Policy, the Council of the Federation


  • Alimov Sergey Viktorovich – First Deputy Head of Gas Transit, Underground Storage and Utilization Department, OJSC Gazprom.
  • Volkov Denis Igorevich – Head of Oil and Gas Regulation Department, Federal Tariff Service.
  • Makarov Georgiy Ivanovich – CEO Adviser, JSC VNIIST
    JSC VNIIST shares its experience in forming Technology Policy Strategy of Pipeline Transit System.
  • Johan Desaegher – Regional CEO (Europe/Asia), T.D. Williamson S.A.
  • Zherdev Alexey Anatolyevich – CCO, JSC TDW Eurasia.
  • Svechkopalov Anatoly Petrovich – CEO, OJSC ‘Moscow pipe-coating plant’
    Innovative technologies of pipeline protection and ballasting.
  • Pusenok Andrey Anatolievich – CEO, Petroholding M, LLC.

Venue: Conference Hall

13.30 - 14.00


14.00 - 17.00

International conference: “Far East as Russia’s Energy Gate to Asia-Pacific Region”

The conference participants will discuss the prospects of energy cooperation between Russia and the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region including the participation of Russian oil and gas companies in the projects of exploration and production of oil and gas, refining and transportation of hydrocarbons in the countries of Asia-Pacific Region, as well as the energy partnership with implementation of the following concept: “Energy in exchange for the development of infrastructure and technology”. Among the invited participants there will be delegations from APR-countries, representatives of Russian official missions to APR states, as well as leading experts in international relations within the energy sphere.

The participation in form of reports has been confirmed by scientists from several institutes (RAS, JSC Fund for Development of Far East and Baikal Region”, as well as by international experts from Singapore Energy Research Institute and China Institute of International Studies.

Moderator: Ivashentsov Gleb Alexandrovich – Deputy Director, Russian Research Center of APEC, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary.


  • Larin Victor Lavrentievich – Director, Institute of History, Archeology and Ethnography of the peoples of the Far East, Far East Branch of RAS.
    Energy cooperation as the ensuring sustainable development and security way of the Asia-Pacific region
  • Hirofumi Arai – General Secretary, Northeast Asian Gas and Pipeline Forum.
    Energy cooperation in North-East Asia: opportunities and challenges
  • Timoshilov Viktor Petrovich – Head, Department of Gazprom Eastern Projects Coordination, OJSC Gazprom.
  • Revenkov Vladimir Ivanovich - Head of Division, Gas Markets, Institute of Energy and Finance.
    Asia-Pacific region gas market - development prospects.
  • Semenova Nelly Kimonovna – Researcher, Energy and Transport Research Center, Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS.
    Prospects of Russian energy resource deliveries to the countries of the Asia-Pacific region
  • Semykashev Valery Valeryevich – Head of Laboratory, Department of Energy Forecasting, Institute of Economic Forecasting, RAS; Doctor of Economics.
    Analysis of demand for coal in Asia-Pacific region and the prospects for expanding exports from Russia
  • Shishov Andrey Vladimirovich – Head Specialist, Division of Asia, Africa and Latin America, Department of International Cooperation, Rosatom State Corporation.
    Cooperation prospects between Russia and the Asia-Pacific region states in the field of nuclear energy peaceful use
  • Klinkov Oleg Yuryevich – Head of Department, Prospective Development, JSC FGC UES.
  • Mastepanov Alexey Mikhailovich – Deputy Director, Oil and Gas Research Institute, RAS.
    Shale gas as economy development factor of Northeast Asian countries.


  • Tadaatsu Mori – Minister-Counselor, Head of Political Division, Japanese Embassy in Russia.
  • Rokuichiro Michii – Head, Economic Division, Japanese Embassy in Russia.
  • Kyoichiro Kawakami – Counselor, Economic Division, Japanese Embassy in Russia.
  • Masanori Tsuruda – Counselor, Economic Division, Japanese Embassy in Russia.
  • Tomberg Igor Remualdovich – Head, Energy and Transport Research Center, Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS.
  • Tomberg Roman Igorevich – Senior Researcher, Gazeconomica Institute, LLC.
  • Salitskiy Alexander Igorevich – Head Researcher, Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO).
  • Uritskiy Igor Nikolaevich – Head of Department, JSC Siberian Coal Energy Company.
  • Pak Byong Hwan – Head of Economic Section, Embassy of South Korea in Russia.
  • Jung Kang Soo – Attaché (Energy), Embassy of South Korea in Russia.
  • Pryakhin Vladimir Fedorovich – Professor Department of World Politics and International Relations, Russian State University for the Humanities; Department of General and Applied Sociology, Moscow State Pedagogical Institute, Doctor of Political Sciences.
  • Chengwu Zhang – Counselor (Economics), Embassy of China in Russia.
  • Jixiang Gao – Second Secretary, Embassy of China in Russia.

Venue: Plenary hall

14.00 - 16.00

Round Table: “Russia’s oil and gas complex: strategic and investment aspects of modernization”

Participants of the round table will discuss the strategic aspects of development of Russian oil and gas complex in the context of new external challenges. During the course of discussion a number of internal issues within the complex will be covered, among them: excessive tax burden, lack of investments, depreciation of production assets, increase of costs for oil production at new fields, the high capital intensity of maintaining and increasing production and lack of new technologies for the recovery in difficult areas.

Moderator:  Mastepanov  Alexey  Mikhailovich – Deputy Director, Institute of Oil & Gas Issues, Russian Academy of Science.


  • Minlikaev Valery Ziryakovich – Head, Department for gas, gas condensate and oil production, OJSC Gazprom.
  • Zhulina Svetlana Anatolyevna – Head, Oil & Gas Supervision Department, Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Control.
    Main directions of state regulation within industrial safety of oil and gas.
  • Golomolzin Anatoly Nikolaevich – Deputy Head, Federal Antimonopoly Service.
  • Mastepanov Alexei Mikhailovich – Deputy Principal, Institute of Oil & Gas Problems, Russian Science Academy.
  • Galibeev Sergey Sergeyevich - Director, SIBUR-technologies Center, SIBUR LLC, JSC SIBUR holding.
  • Sungurov Anton Aleksandrovich – Head, Representation (Russia and CIS), Rystad Eenergy AS.
    UCube database – modern tool for analysis strategic planning in oil & gas industry.
  • Hasanyanov Rustam Razifovich – Head, Department of Development and Industrial Geophysics, Division of Geology, Recovery and Licensing of Fields.
    Innovative solutions in recovery of gas from difficult terrains. Severneftegaz setting an example.
  • Uralskiy Yevgeniy Anatolievich – Head, Department of Geological Information Technologies, Constructor Science-Technical Center.
    Applied Geological Information Technologies in Oil & Gas Industry.
  • Zhdanov Stanislav Anatolievich – Deputy CEO, JSC Russian Institute Oil & Gas Research Institute.
    Increase of oil recovery in difficult terrains: current status, issues and perspectives. 
  • Afanasiev Valentin Yakovlevich – Deputy Principal, Head of Department of Economics and  Oil & Gas Management, State University of Management, Professor, Doctor of  Economics.
  • Ilyusha Anatoliy Vasilievich – Professor; Department of Economics and Oil & Gas Management, State University of Management, Doctor of Technical Sciences.
    Efficiency increase of oil & gas recovery on the basis of torch-free systems of exploration and utilizing oil & gas fields in Russia.

Venue: Conference Hall

16.00 - 18.00

Round Table: “Improvement of national HR-policy’s quality as key competitive advantage in Russia. Significance and importance of science and higher education.”

The participants of the round table will discuss the systemic causes of low quality and low productivity of HR capital in Russia, as well as the institutional and legal problems halting the development of innovation sector within Russian economy, especially in Fuel and Energy Complex.

Epishov Andrey Pavlovich – Chief analyst of MIEF, Candidate of Engineering Sciences.
Oskin Valeriy Valentinovich – Chairman of the Board, NPO National Confederation of Human Capital Development.


  • Abyshev Sergey Vladimirovich – Deputy Director, Department of Administrative and Legislative Work, Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.
  • Bobylev Sergey Nikolaevich – Professor, Department of Economics, Moscow State University, Editor-In-Chief of the Report of the United Nations development Programme on Human Development in Russia, Honored Science Worker of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Economics.
  • Lukyanova  Anna Lvovna – Associate Professor, Department of Labor and Population Economics, Higher School of Economics
  • Gureev Maxim Vyacheslavovich – Associate Professor, Department of Theory, History and Culture Philosophy, Novgorod State University, Doctor of Philological Sciences.

Venue: Conference Hall

17.00 - 17.30

Awarding of Forum Information Partners

Venue: Plenary Hall

18.00 - 19.30

Ceremonial dinner on special invitations
Awarding Ceremony of the Forum's partners and Exhibition’s participants.

Venue: Reception Hall

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