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23 april 2014


23 April  2014
4, ulitsa Ilyinka, Moscow,  Gostiny Dvor

19.00 - 17.00

«Russian Fuel and Energy Complex in XXI Century» operation hours
10.00 - 12.30 Round Table:
«Prospects of market development of gas motor fuel in Russia»


Zherdev Anatoly Anatolievich, Dean of the “Energetic of mechanical engineering” faculty of Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman, professor, doctor of technical science.


Bogdanov Dmitry Alexandrovich, Chairman of the energy committee of Vladimirskaya region;
«Experience of gas motor fuel market development in the territory of Vladimirksiy region»;

Demchak Igor Vyacheslavovich, first deputy minister of energetic, industry and  communications of Stavropol region;
«Usage of compressed natural gas as a gas motor fuel»;

Egorshev Sergey Mikhailovich, head of development programs Dept. of the Ministry of transport of the RF;

Zherdev Anatoly Anatolievich, Dean of the “Energetic of mechanical engineering” faculty of Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman, professor, doctor of technical science;

Kosterin Nikolay Nikolaevich, deputy minister of housing and utility infrastructure, and fuel and energy complex of the Nizhegorodskaya district;
«Experience of nature gas as a gas motor fuel on the territory of Nizhegorodsky region»; 

Markov Vladimir Anatolievich, doctor of chair «Heat physics» of the Moscow State University named after Bauman;
«Problems of natural gas usage as a motor fuel for city transportation»;

Nikiforov Alexey Vladimirovich, deputy Chairman Committee for fuel and energy complex of Leningradskaya region;
«Prospective of development of the gas motor structure on the territory of Leningradskaya district»;

Pronin Evgeny Pavlovich,  director for gas motor techniques and gas supplying JSC «Z»;
«Gas motor cars «KAMAZ» on the natural gas – as a way to energy economy and energy effectiveness»

Sokolov Alexey Evgenievich, head of fuel and energy dept of the Ministry of energy and housing and utility infrastructure Sverdlovskaya disctrict;
«Wind and hydrogen dimethyl economy»;

Taranov Roman Alexandrovich, senior lecturer of Moscow State University named after Bauman;

Fomkin Anatoly Alexeevich, head of laboratory of the Institute of physical chemistry and electrical chemistry named after A.N. Frumkin, RAS;
«Adsorptive system of natural gas (methane)’ cars fueling and adapted gas refueling complex»;

Furman Victor Vladimirovich, General director LLC «Project-industrial enterprise Dieselavtomatika»;
«Experience of creation of fuel-supplying equipment with electronic control for diesel engines, converted for natural gas usage»;

Venue: Plenary Session Hall

13.00 - 15.30

International Conference:
«Development strategy of the Russian Far Eastern energy sector: efforts consolidation of government, business and expert community»


Ivashenscov Gleb Alexandrovich, deputy director of the Russian Center of developments by APEC, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary


Kuvalin Dmitry Borisovich, deputy director of Institute of national economic forecasts of the RAS;
«Scenario of the long-term social-economic forecasts of the Far East region of Russia»;

Kushkina Ksenia Sergeevna, expert of the Energy systems Center of the Skolkov Institute of science and technologies, post-graduate student of IMEMO RAS;

Luzyanin Sergey Gennadievich, first deputy Director of the Far East Institute of the RAS;

Semenova Nelli Kimovna, senior scientist of  oriental studies Institute of RAS;
«Siberia and Far East: international-politics opportunities, risks and challenges»;

Mastepanov Alexey Mikhailovich, deputy director of oil and gas problems’ Institute of the RAS;
«Hydrates as an alternative source of gas supply in the Asian-Pacific’region countries»

Ostrovsky Andrey Vladimirovich, deputy director of the Far East Institute of the RAS, head of the Center of economical and social researches of China of the Far East Institute of the RAS;
«About problems of Russian-Chinese cooperation in the field of energetic»;

Sergeev Alexander Yurievich, management director for energetic of the «En+Group» company;
«The ways of increase of effectiveness of energy resources’ export from Siberian region of the RF to the  Asian-Pacific’region countries»;

Timoshilov Victor Petrovich, deputy head of projects management Dept, head of Division for eastern projects JSC «Gazprom»;

Valerio Pontarollo, «Pontarolo Engineering» company
«Innovative technologies in construction»;

Venue: Plenary Session Hall

15.30 - 16.00

Final meeting of the Forum’s Organizing Committee.
Summing-up the Forum’s results. Concluding Declaration’s Discussion

Venue: Plenary Session Hall
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